Isn’t that what everyone wants some more of?

That’s what I’m here to give you, and if that’s what you want you’re in the right place.

This blog is all about a fresh perspective.

Hey, that’s me at the Tower of London! 🙂

I believe that all things were created through God and for God. I believe that He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.

That’s how I want this blog to hit you. Seeing God through everything. Knowing Him in recognizing that there is nothing that is out of His control, no force that can stop His light.

Most people spend their lives putting God in His God box and only taking Him out when it’s convenient for them. I’m not about that. God permeates every line of thought that crosses my conscience. I want you to start thinking this way.

Oh right, I forgot to mention something. I aim to challenge you. Maybe it’s the way you think about God. Maybe it’s the way you’re living. Maybe it’s just certain ideas or concepts you haven’t considered. Maybe it’s thinking of art and culture in a different way.

That’s the secondary goal of what you’ll be reading here. I want art to be not be such a passive experience for you anymore. I want you to recognize that all art has more going on than on the surface. It’s saying something, and you’re learning something from it. What is that?

If you think that God is a fairy tale for the weak minded, this is your place.
If you’re a seeker, someone who’s always been kinda sorta maybe religious but not sure where you place your allegiance, this is your place.
If you’re a believer but you don’t feel like you understand how God works in everything around you, how He really matters to your life, this is your place.
If you’re a long time burnt out Christian who wants a new shot of perspective to lay waste to your heart, I like doing that too.
monumentvalleyIf you’re a fan of something like great films, a huge variety of brilliant music, classic works of literature, art, traveling, philosophy, world history, etc. that’s perfect because I’m just a little CRAZY about all those things and you’ll get plenty of all that here!

You’ll start getting the idea when you start reading me. One of my favorite things in any writer or artist is that stamp of their style that makes them distinguishable from the crowd. I have so many interests and thoughts that I may seem like ten distinct writers, but you’ll figure me out quickly.

So I know what you’re asking: what kind of stuff do you even write about exactly?

The answer is so complex it’s simple. What does it say up there under “Love and Mercy”?

“Christian Thoughts on Everything” 

So the answer? EVERYTHING

Yeah yeah yeah I hear my philosophy friend’s snarky remarks already. If I really wanted to write on literally everything I would be here a long time. I’m not writing Christian thoughts on what I think of Excel Spreadsheets or my Ikea desk (but I will say they are useful for that matter).

When I say everything, I mean I’m not restraining my self to anything. I have a potentially infinite number of things to talk about because when you’re talking about God and you’re talking about anything He’s in that’s just the nature of it. I’m never going to run out of topics, no worries.

But there is something that I like to focus on here, and that’s the relationship between Christianity and art.

A lot of people like to talk about Christianity and science, history, politics, ethics, etc. I do williamblake.jpgtoo. I like writing about those things too, but I know my place. I’m an artist, and I’m a Christ follower. I enjoy talking about both these things, and I enjoy talking about them in conjunction. So that’s what you get a lot of here.

So if the sound of someone talking about philosophy or theology as they watch a David Lynch or Coen Brothers movie appeals to you, or if you want to see me struggling to write about how funny I find black humor, then welcome home!

I just started a new series on doing interviews with Christian artists called “In His Image,” this series really captures everything I love about getting to write this blog. Getting to know God and people better through art!

But why can you trust me to write good stuff about all this? What do I know anyway?

I’ve been a Christian all my life basically, I heard the gospel and accepted it at the age of 3 after seeing a funeral of one of my parent’s dear friends. I was actively involved in the church with my parents from then on, who were strong Christians themselves.
At around the age of 14, I started to question my faith. I went on a journey where I recognized that the question of religion and philosophy was the greatest in life. It determined how you lived, acted, and where you thought you were headed. So I decided to seriously examine the claims of all the world faiths and absorb all of their histories and teachings.

What I quickly came to realize in this study I undertook was that as I continued to try evaluated Christianity with just as harsh a critical eye as other faiths, it stood up to reason and examination where the others didn’t. I realized it was the only religion that made claims about central doctrines that could be historically investigated, namely that of the life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth.

I decided from then on that Christianity was the only tenable faith in the face of scrutiny, and I truly gave my life to the service of Christ. Since then, I have rigorously trained myself in the art of philosophy, theology, and apologetics under the guidance of Dr. William Lane Craig, one of the world’s most renowned living philosophers. I have given talks at universities and taught multiple courses on the Bible and apologetics. I also love to write, I’ve been writing about music, film, and culture in general for over ten years and have been featured in No Depression roots music magazine.

I’m currently attending Georgia State University in Atlanta, pursuing a double major in film and English. I’m working toward a career in writing and directing feature films.

Here’s some random tidbits about me:

I’m an Eagle Scout who was involved in Scouting for a long time, some of the best years of my life! I’ve camped so many nights as to constitute over a year of my life, and I would say my favorite outdoor activities are hiking and whitewater rafting. I love adventure!

I’m a huge travel nut. I believe in paying for experiences rather than things in general. I really want to travel the world all my life. My next trip? Israel! 🙂

I enjoy writing songs and playing my Epiphone Casino (same guitar the Beatles used, it’s my precious)

I got married last year, and I’m so beyond thrilled to be sharing my life with such a alyandmereadingChrist-like woman who exemplifies true grace and love in choosing me as her husband. There’s just too much to say about how she’s changed my life for the better and has been a blessing to me. It’s the highest honor to have her as my wife and do my best to treat her as Christ treats the church.

So that’s what you need to know about the blog and me!
Make sure to subscribe so you can get all the great content I’ll be posting through here on a variety of topics. You’ll learn something new, be challenged, and have something fun to read every week! I’m so happy that you’ve taken a look at this blog and I’m excited for you to join in the journey with me to greater understanding of God and the beauty and pain and hope that’s all around us in all we see and touch.


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